2 Potholes and a Tow Truck

2 Potholes and a Tow Truck

2 Potholes and a Tow TruckHow many of you have noticed the extremely high number of potholes in and around Lee’s Summit right now? There are not only a LOT of potholes, some of them are massive car-damaging potholes.

It only takes hitting one or two of these potholes with your car in the wrong way before you find yourself needing Summit Towing Services to come haul your vehicle to the auto repair shop.

Take a look at this graphic where AAA Auto Club sizes up the type of damage and cost you’re looking with potholes.

Tires: $100 – $250 each

Tie Rods: $100 – $250 each

Control Arms: $200 – $400 each

Shocks or Struts: $200 – $400 each

Wheels: $75 – $500 each

Ball Joints: $150 – $300 each

Wheel Alignment: $75 – $150

And the worst part about all of this is that pothole damage is considered wear and tear on your vehicle. It’s a maintenance issue, which means that you can’t make a claim on your auto insurance policy. That’s right… this repair cost is all you.

Do your best to avoid potholes in the road as much as possible. In fact, you might even consider reporting them to the city when you come across some big ones. Here is a link to do just that:


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