Maintenance Schmaintenance!

Let's face it... not everyone is very good at maintaining their vehicles through the year and over periods of years. While you're definitely not alone in this, the reality is that this strategy is going to catch up with you. At Summit Towing our job is to help folks using this strategy whenever they need us! And we're happy to do it. The fact is that you can sometimes avoid meeting our friendly and professional tow truck drivers altogether by just doing a little routine maintenance now and again. Today we're going to give you our maintenance tips for fall.

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Frozone Strikes Again! ICE AHEAD

Hey everyone... please drive with EXTREME caution. If you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, please active the 4-wheel drive mode and continue driving very cautiously. We are getting lots of calls for vehicle slide-offs, including medians, ditches, and other nasty situations. And know that the Summit Towing dispatcher is standing by to take your calls so we can get out to you and get your situation taken care of. Call the dispatcher right now if you need us... (816) 524-4TOW for help!

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Five Ways Cold Temperatures Can Damage Your Car

With temperatures down into the single digits, this is when we get a lot of calls from people needing help with their situation. The biggest problem we see is a weak battery that just decides to give up from the extreme cold. Fortunately, our drivers can swing by your location, give your battery a quick jump start, which enables you to get to an auto parts store or mechanic to have them swap out your battery.

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