Maintenance Items Most Often Missed by Motorists

Maintenance Items Most Often Missed by Motorists

Often Missed Maintenance ItemsAAA Auto Club research conducted with AAA’s network of approved auto repair services facilities showed that the top maintenance items that motorists most often missed. Often times car owners find themselves calling for roadside assistance or a car tow because one of these overlooked maintenance issues left them stranded and needing our help.

Have you had the following items checked on your vehicle recently? Ordered by most often neglected:

  • Brake Fluid 88%
  • Battery 82%
  • Transmission Fluid 81%
  • Tires 78%
  • Engine Coolant 77%
  • Accessory Belts 74%
  • Timing Belt 69%
  • Engine Air Filter 58%
  • Windshield Wipers 56%
  • Oil Changes Intervals 35%

Summit Towing Services is happy to be here whenever you need us. However, making sure these issues are looked at can help you avoid our services at an expected time.

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