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Mobile Battery Service

Lee's Summit Towing Mobile Battery ServiceSummit Towing Service and the AAA Auto Club now offer Mobile Battery Service!

Not only can we offer you excellent service when you need a jump start, we now can actually install a brand new battery right on the spot! That means 100% convenience for you so that we can get you back on the road without any more battery worries.

Your vehicle battery may work great… until it doesn’t work at all. Typically, you won’t even know your battery is weak and needing attention until the stress of a really hot day or a really cold day affects it. And then there are situations where the charge has dropped slightly to where you just need a quick jump start to get going again. Or maybe you need a new battery? Summit Towing Services can handle this for you. Our process is quick and easy!

Here are just a few reasons why a new battery from AAA makes sense:

  • FREE on-the-spot replacement and testing of your battery and charging system
  • 6-year warranty with 3 years of FREE replacement
  • Batteries specially designed to withstand any climate
  • Disposal and recycling of your old battery

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